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johnny winter

Thanks for reading. Here you will find a huge range of information in text, audio and video on topics such as Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, DataOps and much more. The show notes for “Data Science in Production” are also collated here.

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Why Data Products are a terrible idea!
Data Products Data Products are currently experiencing a rise in prominence largely due to the...
Haberdashery! The Ultimate Analytics Engineering Guide to Curating...
Analytics Engineering is a subject close to my heart, having emerged as a new discipline over...
Dude, Where's my Copilot?
You couldn’t miss all of the Copilot hype at Microsoft Ignite this year, and of course that...
When is an Aggregate not an Aggregate?
I am irked. As a father of two high school aged children, this is not uncommon, but for once...
Fabric and Tabular Editor
It’s no secret that I’m a big advocate of Tabular Editor (TE). I recently wrote about it on my...
YOUR NEW ACTION HERO! What is Data Activator?
Data Activator is the newest experience to be added to Microsoft’s unified...
Is your Data Demoralized?
Let me introduce you to the hippest new buzzword term in the data world; Data Demoralization....
What's in a name? Naming your Fabric artifacts
Who Cares? Does it really matter what you call your artifacts when you create them in a Fabric...
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