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Thanks for reading. Here you will find a huge range of information in text, audio and video on topics such as Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, DataOps and much more. The show notes for “Data Science in Production” are also collated here.

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An Ultimate Guide to Databricks Unity Catalog
Databricks Unity Catalog (UC) has gained significant attention lately, with Databricks making...
Using Databricks SQL in VSCode
Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the Databricks SQL extension for VSCode, and I was...
Introduction to Databricks SQL
Databricks SQL is a powerful tool for querying and analysing data in Databricks Lakehouse. It...
Writing a Single JSON File in Databricks
When writing to a JSON destination using the DataFrameWriter the dataset is split into...
Databricks Execution Plans
The execution plans in Databricks allows you to understand how code will actually get executed...
Databricks Delta Cache and Spark Cache
As data sizes and demand increases as time goes on, you often see slowness on Databricks this...
Terraform Databricks Labs
In late 2020, Databricks introduced Databricks Labs a collection of Terraform Providers that...
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