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Official Databricks Partner (and then some)




Approved Delivery Partner

We’re proud to be a multi-award-winning global Databricks partner. So much so that we even run the regular Databricks London MeetUp. 

Within our talented team, we have over 50 Lakehouse-certified developers creating some of the world’s most sophisticated data platforms, five Databricks Champions and one Databricks Beacon. No wonder Databricks trust us to be their professional services provider.

Data Lakes are transforming the way we work and the way businesses analyse and consume data. The Data Lakehouse paradigm simplifies complex architectures into a streamlined design that combines the theory behind Data Lakes and Data Warehousing. This creates a unified platform for Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Science, enabling rapid time to insights from your data. 

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Days, not months.

We work closely with Databricks (literally, as it happens, as well as metaphorically) to remove any barriers that arise, making it easier for our clients to get started building and deploying a Data Lakehouse.

With things moving so fast in this area, no forward-thinking company has time to hang around. The good news is that with the perfect partner and the right set of accelerators, such as our Hydr8 framework, a Data Lakehouse can be hydrated in hours. 

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Setting the standard (then raising the bar)

Advancing Analytics can support your business with architecture guidance, helping your teams understand how to build a best-practice Data Lakehouse. We can then accelerate the build and deployment of a production Data Lakehouse using Hydr8. 

Hydr8 is always evolving, making use of the latest and greatest inventions from Databricks which includes using Unity Catalog to boost the governance, observability, and discoverability of a Hydr8-driven Lakehouse right out of the box.

Or, if you’re looking to get your team up-to-speed with Databricks, then we offer a series of training courses including Databricks foundations, Data Engineering with Databricks, Data Analysis with Databricks and Data Science with Databricks.

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DPP Portfolio Projects

Our partnership with Databricks runs so deep that we’re one of their DPP Partners. Essentially, this is where we work on behalf of Databricks, and they trust us to complete the work in an efficient and knowledgeable way using our expertise. 

We pride ourselves on providing best practice advice, detailed architectural guidance, migration strategies from legacy platforms, designs for secure network topologies and the development of Lakehouse platforms. Better still, we enhance data with APIs, design compelling dashboards, implement MLOps platforms and empower businesses with Generative AI. We’ll work with you at every step to modernise your data culture and to drive adoption of your new platform.

Tried and tested again and again

Our team has successfully implemented Hydr8 with more than 25 customers worldwide. These include a media conglomerate with over 1,400 subsidiaries, a fast-paced consumer packaged goods company operating in over 60 countries, a healthcare start-up helping make medication safer and more effective in children, as well as a wide range of highly regulated finance and insurance institutions.

The ability to scale and adapt to each of these environments has empowered our clients to do more with data today while preparing for the exciting new era of artificially intelligent capabilities. The phrase onwards and upwards has never been so relevant.

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Why choose us?

We’re a multi-award-winning Databricks partner with over 50 Lakehouse-certified developers, seven Databricks Champions and one Databricks Beacon.


If you want a team that knows how to build a Lakehouse better than anyone else out there, that’s us.

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