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Introducing the Month of Azure Databricks

Every day this month Advancing Analytics will be delivering a short video on Azure Databricks which will be available on our YouTube channel - Click the link below to subscribe, so you do not miss a video.

We love talking about Azure Databricks and how to use Apache Spark for Data Engineering and Data Science. The question we are always asked is how do I get started?

All this month we will be trying to address this question with introduction and explanations of the key concepts of Apache Spark and Databricks on Azure. We are going to covet the following topics:

We are kicking off with “What is Azure Databricks

Upcoming videos:

  • Creating your first Azure Databricks instance

  • A tour of the Azure Databricks work space

  • Creating and configuring clusters in Azure Databricks

  • Cluster sizing advice & guidance in Azure Databricks

  • Working with notebooks in Azure Databricks

  • Version controlling notebooks in Azure Databricks

  • Using widgets to build configurable notebooks in Azure Databricks

  • Creating a mount to Azure Data Lake Store & Reading data in Azure Databricks

  • Actions and Transformations in Azure Databricks

  • Joining data in Azure Databricks

  • Using the SQL API in Azure Databricks

  • Writing data to Parquet in Azure Databricks

  • Working with Partitions in Azure Databricks

  • Writing data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse via Polybase in Azure Databricks

  • Caching data & Persisting data in Azure Databricks

  • Creating a Machine Learning Pipeline in Azure Databricks

  • Adding packages to clusters & removing packages in Azure Databricks

  • Discussion around the ML run-time vs the base run-time in Azure Databricks

  • Databricks & Data Factory in Azure Databricks

  • Generating a work space token in Azure Databricks

  • Working with Secrets in Azure Databricks

  • Databricks Community Edition & Recommended reading


Want to know more and delve deeper? The have a look at our training course on Azure Databricks

We’ll also be delivering a full Azure Databricks: Data Engineering & Warehousing At Scale Pre-Con Training Day at the PASS Summit 2019 - register here