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Thanks for reading. Here you will find a huge range of information in text, audio and video on topics such as Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, DataOps and much more. The show notes for “Data Science in Production” are also collated here.

Starting "Data Science in Production"

Let me start by saying, I love podcasts. I subscribe to about 50 of them, mainly relating to Data, Machine Learning and AI, but also comedy and even a few NFL podcasts. I listen when I drive, when I walk and often when I am working. I will add a list of recommendations at the end of this post.

About a year ago I went out and purchased all the gear required to start a podcast. I researched what was the best mic, bought a pop filter etc, but I was missing an idea. I love podcasts about data, but I didn’t just want to make another data podcast, I wanted to create something that would attempt to bridge the gap i see forming in the Machine Learning Industry. For me, that was Machine Learning in production. Simply put, no one is doing it.

So “Data Science in Production was born”. The podcast aims to offer advice on productionising a model, discuss the tools and techniques and will feature interviews with experts and developers.


The first episode will be posted at 13:00 on Friday the 23rd of November 2018. Think of this as a Black Friday give away. I look forward to more episodes over the upcoming months.

Recommended podcasts:

  1. The O’reilly Data Show

  2. Data Stories

  3. Data Skeptic

  4. Linear Digressions