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Advanced Analytics Training

For a long time we have been let down by formal training courses which are “Train the trainer”. I am talking about the sort of training where you get to 3pm and they have run out of content, or where you ask a question such as “How do I do that in production?” seldom do they have the answer. All of our training courses are designed for our internal staff or for a customer we have been working with, they are delivered by our consultants. We tackle both the academic, how to do something, but we also cover when not to do something, how a feature actually works, what you could do differently and how it fits in with wider components.

The more we work with customers the more our courses change. If something new is coming up we will cover it on our courses. If there is a new design pattern which is better than the accepted one, we will cover it.

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Azure Databricks

Big Data processing is being democratised. Tools such as Azure Databricks, mean you do not need to be a Java expert to be a Big Data Engineer anymore. Databricks has made your life easier! While it is easier, there is still a lot to learn and knowing where to start can be quite daunting.


Machine learning

Deploying machine learning models is not just difficult, it is known as the hardest problem in Data Science. In this course we will take you though building your first machine learning model and then we will look at how to deploy it in to a production which scales with demand.


Azure Modern Data Warehouse

Building the wrong advanced architecture in Azure can be expensive. We want our customers to build the right platform the first time. 80% of data projects fail, getting the core design right will reduce this number. In this 3-5 day course we cover every aspect of the Azure Modern Data Warehouse.


Azure SQL Data warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is Microsoft’s Big Data massively parallel processing engine. Based on PDW to component system Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a series of 60 SQL Server machines working together to give you elastic scale. Getting ASDW to perform is a dark art. In this 3 day course we will go deep in to the engine and show you have to get the best performance from an MPP system.