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Struggling to understand who is using your data product and how?

The self-service analytics boom has democratised data. While this is great news for businesses, the freedom it brings has created a governance gap.

As a Data Governance Lead, you’ll know what we mean. You lack visibility into existing data products, user consumption patterns and redundant analytical objects cluttering your estate. Power BI offers a glimpse into report usage, but what about those consuming data through Excel or SQL queries?

Take Control of Your Data with Spect8

Spect8 from Advancing Analytics is the ultimate cutting-edge data observability solution.

Designed to empower Data Product Owners and Data Governance Leads with a birds-eye view of everything that’s going on. At last, you have comprehensive visibility across Power BI, Fabric, and Databricks, enabling you to make informed decisions about data products and the governed use of your analytics estate.

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Key Features of Spect8

Organisation-wide view

Harnessing APIs from various analytics tools, Spect8 centralises usage logs and metrics, providing an overarching view of analytics usage across your organisation.

Enhanced visibility for all data product owners

Built with robust security protocols, Spect8 ensures that data product owners can access observability metrics for all their data products, across the whole analytics estate.

Govern all your analytics

Identify high-activity information silos in ungoverned areas and spot unused analytics objects through comprehensive usage monitoring.

Automated integration

Struggling to centralise observability metrics from multiple analytics tools? Spect8 automates the integration process, consolidating data from diverse tools into a single location.

Engineering rigour applied

Save time and ensure consistency with Spect8’s framework, which applies basic rules to cleanse data uniformly across your analytics estate.


And that's just the start. Spect8 is packed with a host of other features that will give you a clearer view of exactly what’s going on with your data. This is your opportunity to transform your analytics estate governance once and for all.

Join the shift to Spect8 to better observe your data today.

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Hear direct from our customers

Don’t take our word for it. Just listen to happy customers like Susan Clements, Head of Enterprise Change at SAGA.

“Working with Advancing Analytics has not only been a pleasure, as they have supported us at every step along the way but has enabled us to take a step change in our approach to data modelling and machine learning which in turn opens up multiple opportunities across our diverse business units”

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