Partnering with dbt Labs: enhancing our analytical engineering capabilities

Advancing Analytics are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with dbt Labs, the company behind the premier analytics engineering product: dbt.

dbt is fast becoming the new standard for data transformation workflows, that power and populate our curated layers.


Why dbt?

dbt Lab’s platform enables organisations to easily build Analytics Engineering best practice into the processes and operations throughout their business, improving data trust due to consistency, and shipping data products faster thereby providing value quicker.

We have partnered with dbt for several reasons. First and foremost, dbt is a leading platform for analytics engineering, offering a range of tools and capabilities for building and deploying data models. Additionally, the platform is user-friendly and intuitive — it covers the full lifecycle of a data product and provides value to teams.

Furthermore, dbt allows teams to develop data products faster, work from the same set of assumptions, deploy with confidence, and do all of this in a way that is secure and well-governed.

What's even more exciting is that dbt can be integrated with Microsoft Fabric and Databricks, two of our other valued partners. We truly believe this partnership will drive innovation in the field of Analytics Engineering and help us continue delivering high-quality services to our customers.

Why is this important for our clients?

By partnering with dbt, we are able to offer our customers access to the latest and greatest in Analytics Engineering tools. This means that we can provide more advanced and sophisticated solutions to meet their business needs. Additionally, dbt’s platform is built for companies looking to democratise analytics across their organisation, enabling data experts and domain experts to work together to build analytics into their daily operations.

We are excited to work with dbt and even more excited to bring value to our customers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

To read more about dbt, have a look at their website.


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Ust Oldfield