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Data Science

DJ Patil got it right! Data Science is sexy! But it is also hard to know how to get started and then even harder to prove the business case for investment. At Advancing Analytics we can help you get started, plan a roadmap, build that first model and prove the potential business value.

Machine Learning

We know our Rs from our elbows! Whether it is Python, R, Scala or something else, we can write it, optimise it and deploy it. Advancing Analytics has a tried and tested approach to developing machine learning projects. We use the tools most relevant to your teams. We have a wide understanding of many industries from working with customers in Retail, Gambling, Governments and Financial Services.


Our team is recognised for creating and delivering fantastic content. We have a variety of training courses we offer. We can also provide tailored training to suit any team or problem.

Devops for data “Dataops“

DevOps is responsible for reducing code releases from months to minutes. DevOps has help traditional software for the last 10 years, Machine learning is not that different from software engineering. So how do we take the principles of DevOps and apply then to Data Science?  

Model management

There is a fallacy in Machine Learning of the unitary model, once trained it is immortal. This is a gross misconception! Once a model has been trained it immediately begins to decay. Model Management is the process of monitoring for decay, knowing when to re-train, monitoring and orchestrating multiple models in production. Feel free to read our blogs on the “Rendezvous” approach to models in production.

Applied AI

For many AI is just another buzzword. At Advancing Analytics we cut through the hype and deliver world-class deep learning models to solve real world problems.

head of data science

Finding the right HODS is hard. You need someone with the experience of running multiple Data Science teams to either Kick start your journey or to fill in while you find a replacement. Advancing Analytics will provide a HODS for as long as you need one - We offer part-time or full-time.

data platform engineering

Most of the reasons for delays in Data Science projects is because the team does not have access to the data they need. Advancing Analytics has been helping customer deploy data lakes and build all the automation required to reduce the amount of time data scientist waste on cleaning and preparing data. Our Cloud Architects are on hand to help with any engineering problem.

data science-as-a-service

Maybe you have a great idea, but you don’t want to create a data science team. You might be better off using our outsourced data science-as-a-service. We will work with your data, build and train a model and then deploy it on our hardware. You get the model you want, but without the overhead of having a team.

If one of our services could help with a problem you’re facing, then please get in touch.