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Financial Services and Insurance


We're not just familiar with Financial Services; we're experts.

Our extensive knowledge of the complexities in Banking, Insurance, Brokerage, and Private Equity enables us to propel customer success through Data and AI.

We go beyond merely constructing data platforms; we craft customised solutions designed to navigate the intricate, regulation-laden Financial Services landscape, allowing our clients to uncover actionable insights.

Our combined expertise in Advanced Analytics and Generative AI equips us to address industry-specific challenges, optimise processes, and drive innovation. Together, let's transform your data into your most valuable asset.


Take a look at some of our customer stories:

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Reassured, a leading life insurance broker, sought to enhance their lead conversion rate and streamline financial reporting. Partnering with Advancing Analytics, they developed a customised data platform to meet these needs.

Challenges Reassured faced included:

  • Inefficient financial reporting due to a manual and fragmented system.
  • Untapped lead potential, with conversion rates not meeting expectations.
  • A lack of data-driven decision-making hindered by the absence of a centralised data platform.

The collaboration with Advancing Analytics transformed Reassured's data approach, streamlining financial processes and unlocking lead potential, resulting in higher conversions and sustained growth. This partnership highlights the power of data-driven decision-making and the importance of tailored solutions for unique business challenges.

Learn more about Reassured here.

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Novuna Financial Services

Advancing Analytics developed a data platform for Novuna to enable cross-business unit reporting using Microsoft, Databricks, and the Hydr8 platform. Novuna selected Advancing Analytics through an RFP process to build this platform, blending teams from both companies for the project.

The project involved setting up a new Azure environment with top-tier cloud analytics tools. The platform integrated data from internal and external sources, enabling Novuna to report on their diverse business operations. Designed to deliver early value, the platform supports business decisions, traditional analytics, and advanced analytics.

The first use case was to aid Novuna's carbon accounting and Net Zero efforts, leveraging Advancing Analytics's model for expediting Greenhouse Gas reporting. Advancing Analytics, a Carbon Neutral company, is dedicated to supporting clients in sustainability initiatives.

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Ageas Insurance

In 2021, Advancing Analytics delivered a Data Science as a Service platform for Ageas Insurance UK, enabling organisational-level Machine Learning adoption. Collaborating closely with Ageas, Advancing Analytics created a platform for users to explore, build, and deploy ML models.

A key focus was integrating real-time insurance quote APIs to feed data into ML models. The platform now supports real-time fraud detection, call centre audio transcribing, claims forecasting, claims value prediction, and early pricing and quote manipulation models.

Designed for rapid value delivery, the first model was deployed within only eight weeks.