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Data Governance & Security

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What is Data Governance & Security?

Data Governance establishes the rules, processes, and accountability necessary to ensure the data used in analytics is reliable, accurate, and secure. Done well, it enables you to leverage insights faster with all stakeholders able to securely access timely, relevant and clean data to drive better business outcomes.

While Data Governance focuses on optimising performance, Data Security is all about threat protection. Combining the two allows you to make your data easily available for data-driven decision-making while safeguarding it from unauthorised access, and ensuring that it complies with regulations.

Data Governance QuickStart

Advancing Analytics has developed a comprehensive Data Governance Framework designed to help support your data platform in an ever-changing landscape. (Carry on regardless and projects can suffer from inconsistent data, lack of transparency and increased risk of errors.)

In our series of in-depth workshops, we assess how Data Governance is currently implemented in your organisation, before making recommendations on improving, scaling, and embedding it more effectively. We view everything through the different lenses of People, Process and Technology. Understanding each of these competing priorities is key to supporting successful analytics initiatives.

We focus on the following key areas: 

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To ensure Data Governance activities are carried out consistently, our experts take on a support role to help make your Data Governance journey goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll check in regularly, highlighting risks or next steps and carry out refresher workshops to help maintain momentum.