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Data Analytics



Data Analytics has come a long way from Business Intelligence (BI) reports over an enterprise data warehouse used for reporting business performance. Advancing Analytics is leading the relentless charge forward with our innovative approach. With us, you’ll benefit from the same rigour we apply to our Engineering practice. As well as the same curiosity that has made our AI practice an exciting place to be.

Analytics works best when its collaborative, iterative, governed, scalable, and enabling. The best way to provide value for your organisation quickly is through Analytical Data Products:

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SunBeam drives the identification and design of Analytical Data Products through collaborative workshops so that end users and data teams align with concepts, definitions, and priorities for what needs to be delivered.

Analytical questions are addressed to the Analytical Data Product Design so that end users and data teams can start envisioning how the product will function, as well as identifying slices of functionality that can be delivered.

Data is rarely owned, but through SunBeam ownership of data is identified, assigned, and documented, so that accountability is clear across an organisation.

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Take Control of Your Data with Spect8, the ultimate data observability solution. Observing usage, adoption and behavioural change are important aspects of measuring the success of an analytical data product. That’s why we have developed Spect8 – our data product observability solution so that success can be defined, tracked, and measured.

As a Data Governance Lead, the self-service analytics boom has democratised data, but it has also created a governance gap. These days, you can lack visibility into existing data products, user consumption patterns and redundant analytical objects cluttering your estate.

Spect8 by Advancing Analytics is the cutting-edge data observability solution designed to empower Data Product Owners and Data Governance Leads. Gain comprehensive visibility across Power BI, Fabric, and Databricks and make informed decisions about Analytical Data Products and the governed use of your analytics estate.

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Unlock the true potential of your data with Aggreg8, the ultimate solution for supercharging your analytics on your Lakehouse. With our innovative approach, we're redefining the way you experience analytics by offering a host of powerful features designed to deliver unparalleled value – and we're doing it faster than ever before.

Our secret sauce? Collaboration, iteration, governance, enablement, and scalability. Aggreg8 is your go-to accelerator for turbocharging your analytics, ensuring that you're always one step ahead in the data game.

At Advancing Analytics, we firmly believe that the semantic layer is the heart of your analytics strategy. That's why we've made it the focal point of your analytics journey, centering it in Power BI. But we also understand the need for flexibility, which is why our approach to a reporting layer is agnostic, enabling self-serve analytics and catering to your unique requirements.

Our accelerator is underpinned by SunBeam, our collaborative data product design framework that aligns business and data teams to achieve common, strategic goals and establish priorities for a data implementation. Better still, it’s built on the combined might of Power BI and Tabular Editor, ensuring a repeatable, scalable, and version-controlled development experience that empowers your analytics like never before.

Key Features of Aggreg8 include semantic model development acceleration, automated documentation, testing, infrastructure as code and automated deployment.


Cur8 is a useful free add-on for any Hydr8 implementation that applies best practice to analytics data product implementation to help streamline time to value from raw data to insights.

Requirements change, priorities change and data structures change, but changing data structures can be a struggle, particularly when you want to preserve data. Cur8 evolves curated schemas as requirements evolve, giving you the confidence that your data history will be preserved as new attributes and analysis areas are added.

Business analysts can write contracts and describe how data should be processed. When a new entity is required, an analyst can provide the required contract to process and allow for early insight to action.

Cur8 automatically applies established repeatable, reusable best practice patterns specific for analytical data products.

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