Advancing Analytics is the way forward

Working for businesses worldwide, our tech and analytics experts simplify data intelligence at every opportunity so that anyone can understand its power. We’ve helped organisations ranging from tech behemoths to plucky startups, and we can help you too. 

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Pushing data to its limits

Our team represents some of the deepest thought leaders and experts in Data and AI, advising the people building the products you love. This informs our unique approach to implementation, as we learn from everything that’s gone before while tailoring our work for each individual client. 

Not sure where to start? The first thing we do is put ourselves in your shoes. We’ll assess your readiness for advanced analytics, benchmark your data and cultural maturity, and help you define a winning data strategy to get you where you need to be.

Then we make it happen: we work with your team to deliver highly effective data intelligence platforms using the latest tools and techniques.

Last, but by no means least, we turn winning solutions into applied training courses. Having been there and done it, our (slightly overeager) enthusiasm is translated into online and classroom training. 

Our elevator pitch

We’re a multi-award-winning Databricks partner with over 50 Lakehouse-certified developers, seven Databricks Champions and one of the world’s only Databricks Beacons. If you want a team that knows how to build a Lakehouse better than anyone else out there, that’s us.

We’re recognised by Microsoft as an Advanced Specialist Partner for AI & Analytics, and our community-obsessed team has a collective six Microsoft MVP Awards. We’re also actively investing in data partnerships with Google, AWS, Dataiku, dbt Labs and more.

As impressive as those credentials might be, they’re not the only reason to choose us. What makes us different is that we take the time to understand how your business works. It’s this level of commitment that means our bespoke data intelligence platforms will always be right for you.

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Cornerstone of our success

Our Lakehouse Accelerator – Hydr8 - gets you where you want to be, faster. All our patterns, approaches and technical know-how, bundled into a highly-customisable Lakehouse deployment. Hydr8 unlocks scalability, meaning your Data Lakehouse can grow as you grow. It speeds up development and enables the rapid consumption of data from source to curated data in a matter of minutes. Saving you up to 9 months of development time and years of regret.

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“Working with Advancing Analytics has not only been a pleasure, as they have supported us at every step along the way but has enabled us to take a step change in our approach to data modelling and machine learning which in turn opens up multiple opportunities across our diverse business units”

Susan Clements, Head of Enterprise Change at SAGA

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More than just a job

Data and AI is our passion. We’ll never pass up an opportunity to talk about advanced analytics and, yes, we have opinions on most topics! That explains our many YouTube videos (way more entertaining than videos about data analytics have any right to be) and our popular Data & AI podcasts.

Enabling the Data Lakehouse

We’ve worked with Data Lakehouses since their inception; we practically bleed them. We work closely with both Databricks and Microsoft as partners to remove barriers and get you started on your data journey. We’re not limited by a specific technology, whether that’s Databricks or Fabric, Azure or AWS. We know Lakehouses. 

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